Saturday, April 16

A Day Date

Because we couldn't remember the last time we had breakfast together, and because I LOVE breakfast, Michael (that is Boyfriend's name - he says hi!) and I decided today was the perfect day to fill our bellies and have a little day date. I love day dates because:
1. BREAKFAST! Okay, I'm done.
2. There's no rushing because you've got alllll day to enjoy with your lover!

April 16
Cream and two sugars, please.

French toast
Banana Nut French Toast. Quite possibly my most favorite breakfast ever. Yum!

April 16th
This is what I wore. Still an iPhone amateur over here, guys.
I spy: a dryer sheet from laundry yesterday, slippers, an unmade bed, laundry basket, and phone charger
What? Day dates don't allow time for cleaning beforehand... :)
Also, note my purse somehow perfectly captured in the crook of my arm. Not intentional, but I'm not complaining!

New shoes
New shoes! On sale and in the perfect shade of slightly-less-pale-than-my-skin. Score!

We ate and then walked around the cute outdoor shopping center down the street from school. We stopped in to the new Anthropologie to look for knobs for my future necklace hanger that I mentioned in the post below (I say 'stopped in' because after a few minutes, Michael claimed that "there are too many details in here" for him. Ha! He was a trooper.) After a while we indulged in some frozen yogurt that I devoured before I even thought to take a picture. The weather was perfect and we had a great time on our leisurely day date!
I hope your Saturday was just as wonderful :)

Peace, love, and breakfast,


Kayla said...

Sounds like a perfect little day date. Love your shoes!

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Natasha Louise said...

LOVE those brogues... and hey thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I love your style, I think I may follow you if you don't mind!... :)

A Lost Feather said...

that looks soooooo deliciousssss and i love your new shoes!

boyfriend and i don't go on enough day dates! we always get together after work and on the weekends we use the day to run errands and all that fun stuff.. it would be great to just have a day to hang out and be haha

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Yum, that breakfast looks amazing! And that's such an adorable outfit, the bright blue gingham looks great on you!