Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome, Take one!

I decided that I wanted to join in the fun that is Awkward and Awesome Thursday, a creative product of none other than Sydney herself. Here goes nothin' --

  • Almost literally running into a middle-aged jogger on my way to my car at 6:30 a.m. Where did you come from and why are jogging in parking lots? I may or may not have screamed a little.
  • iPhone autocorrecting "believe" to "Celine"....I cannot Celine that! Umm, what?
  • Elevator rides. Period.
  • Doing a heart and lung assessment in nursing lab on a classmate. Your fingers have gotta get all up in their chesty business -- in front of the instructor.
  • How I'll never learn my lesson regarding wearing dresses when it's SUPER windy outside. Tugging and squirming while walking is a talent I have all but mastered.
  • Campus food after Mom's home cooking for a week. Seriously, the only answer is salt...and lots of it.
  • My professor stopping class to scold two girls at the front of the room. Apparently we are still in kindergarten.

  • Only 5 weeks of spring semester left! Bring it on, summer. Snowcones are first on my list.
  • Today is Thursday, aka my Friday. 3 day weekends rock my world. (Except when they involve studying, which this one does. Boo.)
  • Adele station on Pandora. Why yes, I do like raspy British women to serenade me while I study. How about you?
  • In less than a month, my boyfriend and I will have our 3 year anniversary! :insert googly eyes here:
  • Roommate lunch date today at Zoe's Kitchen -- their Greek salad is to. die. for.
  • Planning a summer vacation with my family
  • Online window shopping for an SLR camera. Now, Canon or Nikon? I'm saving my pennies!
  • My little sister and our fun Photobooth photoshoots, exhibit A:
Photo 289
Okay, maybe that's awkward. Whatevs.

So, that's it for the first edition. We'll see if next week brings as even more awk/awes moments!

Happy Thursday,

Tuesday, March 15

A few days off

I have definitely been putting the 'Break' in Spring Break this week, and it has been won-der-ful. Here's a sneak peek into what I've been up to:

About to indulge in some greasy goodness - homemade onion rings.
Mom cooked up some homemade greasy goodness, aka onion rings. Can you say delicious?

We took silly pictures. Silly=serious for us, because let's face it - serious rarely happens 'round here.

March 14
I've worn clothes. No thanks to southern weather, I have been dressing for fall-like temps. Spring, where are you?!

To help usher in the spring weather, I caved and bought a dress from the Target Go International line. I highly recommend putting on a fashion show with all the dresses for your mother in the Target dressing room. I mean, I had fun...

Boyfriend and I had a little afternoon date to Chik-fil-a and to see The Adjustment Bureau. We loved it! Action + romance = thumbs up from both of us.

Had a mad hankering for chocolate, so I made brownies. Yes, of course I licked the bowl.

While indulging in the aforementioned brownies, I also indulged in a little Bachelor season finale. I get sucked in every season, and this might have been my favorite. I love Brad and Emily together!

It's only Tuesday, so hopefully there is much more fun to come! I am thoroughly enjoying reading everyone's posts that attended the Texas Style Council Conference this past weekend. I'm thinking that's going to be on the Spring Break agenda next year! 
What's your favorite part about Spring Break?

P.S. Can I just sing the praises of Instagram for a second? Favorite iPhone app ever, folks.

Thursday, March 3

And I call myself a blogger...pfft.

Looks like I should've named this blog "On a Monthly Basis," because, let me tell you -- life gets so darn busy sometimes! I sure would've liked to have been blogging to my heart's content the past few weeks, but my professors decided that now would be a good time to take away our sleeping privileges instead. However, Spring Break is lurking in the very distant future (one more week!), and I'm looking forward to some much-needed R&R.

Confession: I am super terrible at remembering to take pictures of anything. So, this blog is partly an effort to document my life and improve my picture-taking skills. Keep me accountable, friends! I have taken a few pictures lately, but they have been sporadic and make no sense when put together. But alas, here they are, in all of their pointless glory: 

Season opener
I LOVE baseball season, but not that random guy's head all up in my photo.

I told you they would be amateur! I'm probably not even wearing shoes.

Came home to these puppies in the mail. A good day indeed!

Video call snapshot 2
Skyping with my man. Sometimes you just gotta be silly, ya know?

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? Do tell!