Thursday, March 3

And I call myself a blogger...pfft.

Looks like I should've named this blog "On a Monthly Basis," because, let me tell you -- life gets so darn busy sometimes! I sure would've liked to have been blogging to my heart's content the past few weeks, but my professors decided that now would be a good time to take away our sleeping privileges instead. However, Spring Break is lurking in the very distant future (one more week!), and I'm looking forward to some much-needed R&R.

Confession: I am super terrible at remembering to take pictures of anything. So, this blog is partly an effort to document my life and improve my picture-taking skills. Keep me accountable, friends! I have taken a few pictures lately, but they have been sporadic and make no sense when put together. But alas, here they are, in all of their pointless glory: 

Season opener
I LOVE baseball season, but not that random guy's head all up in my photo.

I told you they would be amateur! I'm probably not even wearing shoes.

Came home to these puppies in the mail. A good day indeed!

Video call snapshot 2
Skyping with my man. Sometimes you just gotta be silly, ya know?

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? Do tell!


Señorita said...

Actually like your pics :) The lighting is very cool; nice job.. For the weekend: Brazil!!

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Alex Adamson said...

I love the belted scarf look!

Follow me and I'll follow you :)

Nancy Face said...

Love how you wore your scarf! So cute!

Thanks for the birthday wish!

Gaby said...

Cute photos! I love your belted outfit, looks great.

Andrea said...

Gorgeous scarf!

Lula said...

I'm excited for spring break too! Arh, can't wait. Love your outfit picture by the way!