Monday, January 16

Hi there

So -- what was that? Oh just a huge, extended, totally unplanned break is all.
Anyway, blogging is on that to-do list of mine this year. A new semester starts tomorrow which seems like as good of a time as any to get back to writing regularly. I am naturally inclined to long to be back at home with my family reliving all the fun of winter break, but there's just something about receiving new syllabi that makes me giddy with excitement. Probably because I am a fan of writing in my planner. New highlighters anyone?
I have a few goals for the semester that I am writing on here in hopes of keeping myself more accountable than when I write them in some random, found-it-under-my-bed notebook.
Here goes:
-Keep my apartment clean. Like, maybe sweep the floors more than once every two weeks. Let's face it, it's easy to forget about when I'm walking around with my fuzzy slippers on all the time.
-Bible study devotionals everyday. Pri-or-it-y.
-Cook healthy meals at least 4 times a week. Eat leftovers like nobody's business.
-Make all A's. A-minuses count, too. 
-Exercise! Wake up early, stay up late, whatever. But do something active everyday.

Uplifting words for the week!

Saturday, April 30

Pinterested in pastels

I'm sure you would all agree when I say Pinterest is addicting. So far it has not outweighed my addiction to coffee, but it's a close second. I could spend hours upon hours scrolling through all the pretty things I find on that website. Through my style inspiration board, I have discovered that I am waaay into pretty pastels this spring. Case in point:

I never thought I would want a pair of colored jeans past the age of 8. I could not have been more wrong.

Mmm mint green.

Note to self - carry an apple with you at all times.

Gahgeous...or however you phonetically spell that.

Pretty fabulous.

Stripes, pleats and yellow. Love!

Sources: onetwothreefourfivesix

Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!

Friday, April 29

Royally astounded

Along with millions of other viewers, my roommate and I set our alarms for 3:30 a.m., just in time to catch David and Victoria Beckham enter the Abbey before the Royal Wedding. We were bleary-eyed and quiet sitting on the couch in the wee hours of the morning, but once we had coffee and bagels (not quite tea and crumpets, but they were sufficient) we were oohing and awing at the grandeur that ensued. I am so happy for the royal couple! Everything was beautiful, especially the dress. It was a fun way to start the weekend and I'm glad that I was able to witness such a historical event!

My favorite photo from the day:

What about you, did you get swept up in the coverage surrounding the Royal Wedding?

Thursday, April 28

Over the weekend

The next weekend is quickly approaching, and here I am recapping last weekend. C'est la vie. Reliving the weekend makes the rest of the week a tad more bearable, am I right?

Friday my younger sister came to visit me at school. We rarely get to see each other and have quality sisterly bonding time, so our sushi and movie date was much needed. We always have tons of fun and lots of laughs when we're together - so much fun that the camera rarely comes out. We did manage to get one shot together while stopped at a ridiculously long stoplight.


Saturday morning was spent lazing around before grabbing coffee and bagels for breakfast, followed by a personal campus tour led by yours truly. The flowers on my campus are gorgeous this time of year, and it seems like they are changing the flower beds daily. I took the opportunity to snap a quick picture before these flowers are gone and replaced by some other beauties:

These may or may not have inspired my outfit yesterday. I love the combo of pink of orange!

After our little stroll we packed up and headed home for the rest of Easter weekend, which included chocolate gooey cookies (if it's from Paula Deen, you know it's delish) and the good company of family. It was a nice break before the last week of class and dreaded finals coming up next week!

Saturday, April 16

A Day Date

Because we couldn't remember the last time we had breakfast together, and because I LOVE breakfast, Michael (that is Boyfriend's name - he says hi!) and I decided today was the perfect day to fill our bellies and have a little day date. I love day dates because:
1. BREAKFAST! Okay, I'm done.
2. There's no rushing because you've got alllll day to enjoy with your lover!

April 16
Cream and two sugars, please.

French toast
Banana Nut French Toast. Quite possibly my most favorite breakfast ever. Yum!

April 16th
This is what I wore. Still an iPhone amateur over here, guys.
I spy: a dryer sheet from laundry yesterday, slippers, an unmade bed, laundry basket, and phone charger
What? Day dates don't allow time for cleaning beforehand... :)
Also, note my purse somehow perfectly captured in the crook of my arm. Not intentional, but I'm not complaining!

New shoes
New shoes! On sale and in the perfect shade of slightly-less-pale-than-my-skin. Score!

We ate and then walked around the cute outdoor shopping center down the street from school. We stopped in to the new Anthropologie to look for knobs for my future necklace hanger that I mentioned in the post below (I say 'stopped in' because after a few minutes, Michael claimed that "there are too many details in here" for him. Ha! He was a trooper.) After a while we indulged in some frozen yogurt that I devoured before I even thought to take a picture. The weather was perfect and we had a great time on our leisurely day date!
I hope your Saturday was just as wonderful :)

Peace, love, and breakfast,

Tuesday, April 12

liar, liar, pants on fire

So, I lied about posting last week. Forgive me? All of my spare time has been devoted to labs, care plans, papers, and maybe a little bit of Pinterest thrown in to even out the mix. I'm addicted!

My roommate and I are signing a lease for an apartment soon, so I've been finding all kinds of inspiration that make white walls seem ideal. I'm excited for a blank canvas and to spend the summer crafting away! 

I love this color scheme!

This simplistic theme would be so easy to recreate for two college students on a budget.

I guess I'm really feeling the yellow & gray...

This is a must.

This makes me so excited to go shopping for mismatched hardware!

Any suggestions for a first time renter? I'm all ears!

Hope your Tuesday is a fun one!


Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome, Take one!

I decided that I wanted to join in the fun that is Awkward and Awesome Thursday, a creative product of none other than Sydney herself. Here goes nothin' --

  • Almost literally running into a middle-aged jogger on my way to my car at 6:30 a.m. Where did you come from and why are jogging in parking lots? I may or may not have screamed a little.
  • iPhone autocorrecting "believe" to "Celine"....I cannot Celine that! Umm, what?
  • Elevator rides. Period.
  • Doing a heart and lung assessment in nursing lab on a classmate. Your fingers have gotta get all up in their chesty business -- in front of the instructor.
  • How I'll never learn my lesson regarding wearing dresses when it's SUPER windy outside. Tugging and squirming while walking is a talent I have all but mastered.
  • Campus food after Mom's home cooking for a week. Seriously, the only answer is salt...and lots of it.
  • My professor stopping class to scold two girls at the front of the room. Apparently we are still in kindergarten.

  • Only 5 weeks of spring semester left! Bring it on, summer. Snowcones are first on my list.
  • Today is Thursday, aka my Friday. 3 day weekends rock my world. (Except when they involve studying, which this one does. Boo.)
  • Adele station on Pandora. Why yes, I do like raspy British women to serenade me while I study. How about you?
  • In less than a month, my boyfriend and I will have our 3 year anniversary! :insert googly eyes here:
  • Roommate lunch date today at Zoe's Kitchen -- their Greek salad is to. die. for.
  • Planning a summer vacation with my family
  • Online window shopping for an SLR camera. Now, Canon or Nikon? I'm saving my pennies!
  • My little sister and our fun Photobooth photoshoots, exhibit A:
Photo 289
Okay, maybe that's awkward. Whatevs.

So, that's it for the first edition. We'll see if next week brings as even more awk/awes moments!

Happy Thursday,