Tuesday, March 15

A few days off

I have definitely been putting the 'Break' in Spring Break this week, and it has been won-der-ful. Here's a sneak peek into what I've been up to:

About to indulge in some greasy goodness - homemade onion rings.
Mom cooked up some homemade greasy goodness, aka onion rings. Can you say delicious?

We took silly pictures. Silly=serious for us, because let's face it - serious rarely happens 'round here.

March 14
I've worn clothes. No thanks to southern weather, I have been dressing for fall-like temps. Spring, where are you?!

To help usher in the spring weather, I caved and bought a dress from the Target Go International line. I highly recommend putting on a fashion show with all the dresses for your mother in the Target dressing room. I mean, I had fun...

Boyfriend and I had a little afternoon date to Chik-fil-a and to see The Adjustment Bureau. We loved it! Action + romance = thumbs up from both of us.

Had a mad hankering for chocolate, so I made brownies. Yes, of course I licked the bowl.

While indulging in the aforementioned brownies, I also indulged in a little Bachelor season finale. I get sucked in every season, and this might have been my favorite. I love Brad and Emily together!

It's only Tuesday, so hopefully there is much more fun to come! I am thoroughly enjoying reading everyone's posts that attended the Texas Style Council Conference this past weekend. I'm thinking that's going to be on the Spring Break agenda next year! 
What's your favorite part about Spring Break?

P.S. Can I just sing the praises of Instagram for a second? Favorite iPhone app ever, folks.


Mariel Torres said...

sounds a lot like my break lol. lovely blog darling!


AWEsome, can't wait to see the Tucker dress on you, Katelyn! A dressing room fashion show sounds like a blast ;)

Connie said...

i love instagram! And Brad and Emily! And the dress! Heck, love it all (:

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

Okay that GO dress is UH-mazing!!!
Your blog is so cute and your style is adorable! Can't wait to see what else you so!!

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

what else you "do" not so... ha ha

Rachel Marie said...

Okay I STILL haven't seen "The Adjustment Bureau." And I have a huge crush on Matt Damon. Also. Loved "The Bachelor" this season! I hope Brad and Emily work out because they are adorable. Cute blog missy!