Monday, January 31

if only

This is what I'm hoping (praying, wishing, pleading..) for tomorrow:
Taken on a glorious snow day last year.


Doesn't that look heavenly

However, I will most likely be doing this:
(aka reading my patootie off)


Cross your fingers for snow in Texas!

Saturday, January 29

why, hello there

After many months of blog-stalking and deliberation, I have taken a leap of faith and joined the blogging world! So, I suppose I will begin by introducing myself:

Hiiiiii, I'm Katelyn.

I have a super awesome family.
My boyfriend is so sweet to me.
I am a full time student at a small school in Texas.
I am studying to become a nurse in approximately 2.5 years!
Caffeine is my vice.
I can't leave the house without chapstick. (Truuuust me, I will stop to buy some if that happens.)
I love little babies.

So, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll enjoy reading :)