Saturday, January 29

why, hello there

After many months of blog-stalking and deliberation, I have taken a leap of faith and joined the blogging world! So, I suppose I will begin by introducing myself:

Hiiiiii, I'm Katelyn.

I have a super awesome family.
My boyfriend is so sweet to me.
I am a full time student at a small school in Texas.
I am studying to become a nurse in approximately 2.5 years!
Caffeine is my vice.
I can't leave the house without chapstick. (Truuuust me, I will stop to buy some if that happens.)
I love little babies.

So, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll enjoy reading :)



Allie said...

LOVE IT! i can't wait to keep reading your posts!

Ramsey said...

Hi girl! You are such a doll! So glad you stopped by...I too am a caffine junkie. And my boyfriend flips if he goes without chapstick...Burt's Bees baby.

Courtney said...

I just started my blog a couple months ago and I love it!
You're gorgeous!
What part of texas do you live in?! My hubby and I have talked about ending up in Texas when he's done with school :)

Katelyn said...

Thank you so much! I only wish I had more time to devote to blogging, it has been fun so far!

I live in North Texas (think Fort Worth-Dallas-Arlington). I have grown up here and I love it! Good luck to you and your hubby :)

ashley in wonderland said...

holy cow! you are freakin gorgeous!! great picture :)

Katelyn said...

Aw thanks so much! :)