Thursday, April 28

Over the weekend

The next weekend is quickly approaching, and here I am recapping last weekend. C'est la vie. Reliving the weekend makes the rest of the week a tad more bearable, am I right?

Friday my younger sister came to visit me at school. We rarely get to see each other and have quality sisterly bonding time, so our sushi and movie date was much needed. We always have tons of fun and lots of laughs when we're together - so much fun that the camera rarely comes out. We did manage to get one shot together while stopped at a ridiculously long stoplight.


Saturday morning was spent lazing around before grabbing coffee and bagels for breakfast, followed by a personal campus tour led by yours truly. The flowers on my campus are gorgeous this time of year, and it seems like they are changing the flower beds daily. I took the opportunity to snap a quick picture before these flowers are gone and replaced by some other beauties:

These may or may not have inspired my outfit yesterday. I love the combo of pink of orange!

After our little stroll we packed up and headed home for the rest of Easter weekend, which included chocolate gooey cookies (if it's from Paula Deen, you know it's delish) and the good company of family. It was a nice break before the last week of class and dreaded finals coming up next week!

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Rachel Marie said...

Mmm those cookies look yummy!