Tuesday, April 12

liar, liar, pants on fire

So, I lied about posting last week. Forgive me? All of my spare time has been devoted to labs, care plans, papers, and maybe a little bit of Pinterest thrown in to even out the mix. I'm addicted!

My roommate and I are signing a lease for an apartment soon, so I've been finding all kinds of inspiration that make white walls seem ideal. I'm excited for a blank canvas and to spend the summer crafting away! 

I love this color scheme!

This simplistic theme would be so easy to recreate for two college students on a budget.

I guess I'm really feeling the yellow & gray...

This is a must.

This makes me so excited to go shopping for mismatched hardware!

Any suggestions for a first time renter? I'm all ears!

Hope your Tuesday is a fun one!



Diana Smith said...

ALL of these rooms are gorgeous! I love all the colors and how light and airy it looks, if only my house looked like that!

A Lost Feather said...

oh i love the idea of the inspiration board.. and the frame of necklaces.. so great!

hmm.. some advice? make sure you know you're allowed to put holes in the wall before you start hanging things hehe

p.s. thank you for commenting on my guest post at the daybook :) i completely agree.. the city is great, but i'm no city girl either! too much noise- constantly!

ClosetConfections said...

These pics gave me some great ideas for decorating my own apartment. Thanks for sharing!

Closet Confections - A Personal Style Blog

Ramsey said...

These rooms are gawgeous girl! Can't wait to see yours!

M & Em said...

Those mismatched knobs are the cutest!


Linley said...

love your inspiration photos! especially that one with the jewelry! so pretty. and pinterest is SO addicting!

Hayley said...

LOVE these pictures. the best part of moving is getting to craft up all new decor. I have a teacher who buys houses to decorate them then sells them again. sounds like a good retirement hobby to me!

ps, would you mind sending me a pinterest invite? Im dieing to get in on the fun! my email is cheapgirlchicworld@yahoo.com

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