Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome, Take one!

I decided that I wanted to join in the fun that is Awkward and Awesome Thursday, a creative product of none other than Sydney herself. Here goes nothin' --

  • Almost literally running into a middle-aged jogger on my way to my car at 6:30 a.m. Where did you come from and why are jogging in parking lots? I may or may not have screamed a little.
  • iPhone autocorrecting "believe" to "Celine"....I cannot Celine that! Umm, what?
  • Elevator rides. Period.
  • Doing a heart and lung assessment in nursing lab on a classmate. Your fingers have gotta get all up in their chesty business -- in front of the instructor.
  • How I'll never learn my lesson regarding wearing dresses when it's SUPER windy outside. Tugging and squirming while walking is a talent I have all but mastered.
  • Campus food after Mom's home cooking for a week. Seriously, the only answer is salt...and lots of it.
  • My professor stopping class to scold two girls at the front of the room. Apparently we are still in kindergarten.

  • Only 5 weeks of spring semester left! Bring it on, summer. Snowcones are first on my list.
  • Today is Thursday, aka my Friday. 3 day weekends rock my world. (Except when they involve studying, which this one does. Boo.)
  • Adele station on Pandora. Why yes, I do like raspy British women to serenade me while I study. How about you?
  • In less than a month, my boyfriend and I will have our 3 year anniversary! :insert googly eyes here:
  • Roommate lunch date today at Zoe's Kitchen -- their Greek salad is to. die. for.
  • Planning a summer vacation with my family
  • Online window shopping for an SLR camera. Now, Canon or Nikon? I'm saving my pennies!
  • My little sister and our fun Photobooth photoshoots, exhibit A:
Photo 289
Okay, maybe that's awkward. Whatevs.

So, that's it for the first edition. We'll see if next week brings as even more awk/awes moments!

Happy Thursday,


thobeka said...

love your awkward & awesome. i cannot celine this! hahaha.... and yes, adele is the bomb diggity :)

Melissa said...

Lots of Awkward and Awesomes around the blogosphere! Cute lists you've come up with :)

And yes, autocorrect is insane sometimes. Once it changed my friends name to "Taco"

My text message looked like this
"Hey Taco, i'll be there in 5".


nami said...

Hi there.. I just saw your comment on The Sisters 4 say MORE is more blog, and I read this cute awkward and awesome list.. :) I must say the words SLR and camera took my eyes... I love photography (especially editing) and my husband is a wedding photographer. Of course, it depends on what do you want the camera for, but I would go with Canon. Reason #1 because I've used Canon for a while and it's easy peasy... #2 because as far as I know, Nikon has a slight more cold color than a Canon(which it makes it good if you want to take landscape pictures) - and I like more warmer colors. :) So, I guess it depends on your taste and needs to it. :)

Have a good weekend.


Hayley said...

I love all of this.hahah so funny! and true story about autocorrect... everytime I tell someone im thrifting it changes it to thristing. "Oh Im out thristing right now." "want to go thrusting with me?"
Its embarasing.
and in complete agreement with the skirt thing.
Yay for snowcones!

Diana Smith said...

haha I love your awkwards sooo funny! The auto correct is so annoying, but sometimes you just have to laugh!! Crazy iphone!

Livy Love

Sarah said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i love your list! and i definitely had an awkward elevator experience today!

Alex said...

love the list and congrats on the almost 3 year anniversary. It's such an exciting achievement.

Anonymous said...

Love Adele's newest "Rolling In The Deep!" Get the Canon Rebel, I have it and it's awesome!

I happened to click on your blog because we both have the same name (and spell it the same way!). I'm obviously excited about it :)